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the-trinity-forum-trunblocked-airport-retail-newsIn the week after the excellent Trinity Forum, several industry leaders and attendees have had time to reflect on the presentations given and discussions held. I will leave the detail to The Moodie Davitt Report. For me the key take outs were easy to identify.

* if the industry misses out on China, it misses the future
* the current MAG system must change if the industry is to survive
* the industry needs to embrace new technology/digitalisation faster and move to an omni-market approach
* front line staff sales are failing
* airports need to drive their retailers to change and diversify their offer
* more theatre to showcase craft brands and pop up spaces
* corporate social responsibility should be enshrined in each company
* older travellers should not be excluded from the mix in favour of Millennials
* F & B is coming of age

One of the points touched on was the increasing need for new ideas and new brands to be introduced. This week’s feature highlights the everyday problems encountered by smaller suppliers trying to break into the TR market. Whatever grandiose statements senior management make publicly, the fact is their category managers seem to be operating from a different hymn sheet. Read on…

Congratulations to ACI and The Moodie Davitt Report for delivering another memorable conference.

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